NANOCOOL Premium Commercial Window Films

About NANOCOOL Commercial Window Film

  • Energy Efficient Film
    NANOCOOL Commercial Window Films effectively absorb up to 75% of solar energy and thus reduce energy consumption of the building and provide excellent comfort to its occupants. It also block out harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation which can cause premature aging of furniture.
    NANOCOOL films have been proven to be able to reduce up to 6ºC temperature within a building.
  • Safety and Security
    NANOCOOL Safety Film with its strong adhesion help prevents occupants against shatter glass fragments due to strong physical impact and external intrusion.
  • Rear Projection Film
    NANOCOOL Rear Projection Film is designed to allow for video display and animated advertisement. It allows video to be projected on its reverse side thus allowing the projector and media source to be kept protected. This specialized advertising system provides for an effective and exciting advertising solution.
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