AUTOZKIN Paint Protection Films

  • AUTOZKIN Paint Protection Film
    NANOCOOL is the sole exclusive distributor of AUTOZKIN Paint Protection Film in Malaysia, sharing its expertise and resources with AUTOZKIN INTERNATIONAL.

About AUTOZKIN Paint Protection Film

  • AUTOZKIN PPF: Paint Protection Film which is made of a high quality 163 microns/0.3mm thick durable transparent synthetic urethane film.
  • It is highly flexible and durable and when applied on painted surfaces of new and pre-owned vehicles, protects the body surface against stone chips, bugs and bird dropping stains, and minor scuff damages.
  • AUTOZKIN PPF is a self-healing film with the ability to restore back to its original finish after minor scuffing or scratches.
  • Due to the nature of a clear urethane film, the original paintwork colour is maintained and enhanced.
  • NANOCOOL offers paint protection films in various packages such as,
    • Half kit Protect most prone frontal areas
    • Full Kit Protects all frontal areas
    • Complete Kit Protect all of your car
    • Customized areas of car:
    • Headlight Protection Kits
A Yamaha R1 PPF-ed at Nanocool_resize     A Yamaha R1 PPF-ed, paint protection filmed_resize
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