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Automotive Window Films
NANOCOOL offers a wide range of automotive and commercial window films with each offering differing levels of transmittance and reflectance of solar energy, transmittance of visible light, UV reflection, and infra-red relection. The high sophisticated films of NANOCOOL comprise of six layers made up of ATO & ITO materials that offer superb heat shielding characteristics. At the film’s heart is the IR-CUT Coasting Film applied with transparent adhesives bonding it together with a releasing film on one side and a transparent film on the other. The transparent film is then in turn protected by an SR Hard Coating layer.

Unique Products
NANOCOOL Photochromic (PT) Series is a specially made window film which incorporates embedded nanotechnology and Nanocool’s  low carbon green properties. It pretty much works like glasses’ transition lens, when absorbing sunlight the PT film turns darker or tinted. And, more importantly, blocks out the heat. At night, the PT window film becomes clear to its original condition to match outside environment. In other words, it provides the clearest possible view by eliminating UV, unwanted glares and various unseen light sources.

NANOCOOL offers a wide range of window films for automotive and commercial use. Both ranges offer diverse levels of transmittance and reflectance of solar energy, transmittance of visible light, UV reflection, and infra-red reflection, ensuring the highest level of clarity, comfort and protection.

High Performance Products
NANOCOOL films offer one of the highest Infra-Red Rejection available in the market today, achieving an IR rejection rating of 99 % on its Nanocool ECO Series.

As the Malaysia weather can be quite harsh, the Infra-Red Rejection of Nanocool films effectively block out heat and therefore reduce energy consumption, besides providing comfort to occupants in vehicles. The films also offer 99 % UV protection, effectively blocking harmful UV rays which can cause skin problems and ophthalmic disorders.

Safety Films
Instead of the conventional 2 ply system available in today safety films, NANOCOOL Safety films comes in a single 4 mil ply, removing  the problems of delamination and poor clarity often found in a conventional 6 mil 2 ply system.

Quality Assurance
All NANOCOOL window films are manufactured and guaranteed to meet or better the published IR rating complete with unique serialized seals. Customers are rest assured of high quality genuine products.